Standing at the crossroads, I found my ‘Campus’ post!

I found my road not taken. 3 min


Arts is the most underrated stream and the wish to be part of it in a middle class household, inferred as an ‘unthoughtful decision’. I beheld all the glares and no hopes to be part of creative world. Still, I longed for an empty page where the restless thoughts stumbling amidst walls of mind can rest in peace. The void created by accounts and economics luckily found their filler in the sentences. It became a medium of expression. Although, ‘What’ to write never troubled, I struggled with ‘How’ and ‘Where’ to start. To begin with, fan fictions nurtured my imagination and thoughts into fictional stories. I enjoyed writing in any format and it was a comfortable space I created for myself, yet I desired more.

After my high school and college, unqualified CA career left me in the debris of life and hope. At that juncture, writing held my spirits and only piece I loved; silent conversations with words kept me calm. The single piece of confidence stood on my working table is the dusted momento reminiding my first ever win – District Level Essay Writing Competiton.

Coping with failure is akin to standing at the edge of cliff, either you fall or learn to fight the winds.

Learning to fight the winds I started my blog, where I experimented, explored to find the hidden treasure buried inside me. My first poorly edited story to the poetry narrating a melancholic soul’s fight against the crashing world and lessons from my life,started collecting bricks to build my dream castle. I recieved criticism. I fell and stood up with a bruise; but this is the only place standing in pain left me with a feel of anticipated victory. The desire of more fueled my search.

Notwithstanding my former practice of writing, which mostly included, essays, monologues, fan-fictions, unscripted stories and short stories, Facebook introduced me to a new wave of writing. It catered blogs/articles from Schoopwhoop, BuzzFeed and many other entertaining, educational and content sharing websites. This dimension of digital writing opened new doors. I found a pen growing amid debris. To enumerate it helped me exhale anxiety. I started earning my lost bits and spending time writing was bliss. This also gave me chance to spread awareness on importnt aspects of life, living and society which helped me do my part.

Alongside my career in commerce, I joined The Magzone (Youth based content sharing website). The moment of comfort in the work questioned my adventure. I stood on a cross-road where self-learning is inadequate to take a step further. My desire to explore more, urged to find a space where I could learn and apply knowledge in the life’s lab. I searched for a better training program which also helps me gain the ‘wanted experience’ and give me a new perspective of writing. In-office internships were hard to cope along with the responsibility of academics. On the other hand, virtual internships with valid certification and appropriate training without a pre-requisite  qualification is a mirage.

Considering my friend’s suggestion, I registered in an Internship Portal – Internshala. MyCampusPost popped on top of listicle providing virtual content writing internship for students. After visiting their website, I came across Career Development Program where they integrate learning with work experience before securing a real-time job.


There is an opportunity of exploring other domains and skill development under the guidance of mentors who provides systematic feedback with neutral opportunity cost. It is the safe step for career development, as it is run by millennials who understands the trainee’s expectations. 

It is a ‘Campus’ where you ‘learn’ and also provides a ‘post’ where you ‘earn’ experience.

The virtual documentation of achieved objectives creates an alluring composite career development program. In effect, a decked resume, experience, developed skills and a one-click portfolio at the end of college are the precious stones you own.

 I found my ‘road not taken’ tunneled by MyCampusPost’s explicit program. The blurred signboard navigating me to an adventrous journey of self-exploration through words, is much clear.

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I am pursuing MBA - IB at GITAM University. Yet, the art of playing with words to translate my imaginations, share my thoughts and opinions urged me to pick a pen. Communicating and connecting to diverse people through unspoken, unconventional, still relatable; influencing masses on a digital platform attracted me towards content writing. Quoting real stories and creating fictional life beyond reality are two contradictions which will flow through my ink forever. For me writing is letting silence speak thousand volumes.