Stop Overthinking

Overthinking kills! Stop overthinking everything so much -- because you probably already know the answer. 1 min

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Do you find it incredibly difficult to make a decision, whether it’s what you should have for breakfast, what kind of iPhone case to get, what to say in an e-mail or text message, or what college you should attend?

Most of us fall victim to some degree of overthinking: heavily weighing every single option before making a move, focusing on minute details of a situation and ignoring the big picture, or choking under pressure when doing something we already know we're good at.

Overthinking happens as we grow older and as our curious, child-like brains become jam-packed with rational, concrete knowledge. When we're young, our brains are at the peak of curiosity, making billions of connections every minute and soaking up information like a sponge.

It's important to encourage children's sense of curiosity with creative and imaginative environments, like art or music. As there's no right or wrong way to be creative, children are free to guess solutions and use their natural sense of wonderment without being reprimanded.

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