The Art Of Overthinking – a positive play

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" It is a hard-hitting habit. It's shuts the door to happy thoughts. Yes, the overthinking ability or The Art Of Overthinking. It damages the mental stability, making you dig forever to the depths of bare thoughts that ends with nagging yourself from within" . 

" Picking those particular incidents again and again, every night and day, thinking until you drown yourself in sorrow, anxiety and tension etcetera stuff, is so usual. Remember that", they said.

Nevertheless, none has told to me that it also is a requirement! Some things really need to be thought upon deeply to decipher the complexities. If a situation confronts you, one cannot simply rush himself or things to make the situation familiar and truimping. Instead, one is required to stand on a plate that balances on the tip but not on the tip bare foot. There's so much requirement and need to analyse the surroundings first, the nature they act, the direction of it's advantage, the facts and if you have the upper-hand or not? Yes, that's so much required as one is living to exist and this is an act of matured existance.

[Link to the original artwork of Sai Charan V- The Art Of Overthinking]

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