The eversion of Hindu Mind-set

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The eversion of Hindu Mind-set

Someday before 4years I was attending a Lecture on The philosophy of Bharat….. Actually It was Bhagwatam… By a guruji in my area….. Where he has emphasized about the mind-set of the people of India especially the Hindus…..
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He has explained to the present audience about the changes in the mentality of Hindus from last 1000years. He says that the Hindus never needed to live and behave like a ochlocrat…..they never favoured ochlocracy…… Living in a typical mentality of troops or flocks and belonging to some Political ideologies was never seen in Hindus.. As per Guruji….
But when the times changed…… Due to ruinous and subversive invasions of foreign looters…… The Natives have always shown their faith in transforming the mindsets totally towards the saviour….. Even in the last thousands years whole India and its Hindus especially never needed to adhere to troopism…. Or simply group of people living and belonging to some religious or political ideologies to save themselves or to attack others…. This was never seen in India because it was never needed to the majority community of the country viz.. The Hindus….
Guruji said that Bharat ha Halu halucha desh aahe….. Which means that Bharat is country of steadiness, consistency….etc.
The unified colonial British governing model has been responsible for the unity of Hindus these days…..
I was watching Aaj Tak….where the reporter for DusTak @ 10 O'clock was explaining the change in political behaviour of the congress and also the BJP in the currently campaign of Gujarat Elections……
Congress used to bring kazis Moulanas for Muslim Votes but this time The INC has focused only on Hindu Votes….. Why this transformation in India's most (Pseudo) Secular party?   The reason for this is what we have written in the starting of this article….. The 100 crore Hindus are now polarized towards the BJP or a party which never hated Hindus, it’s a pro-Hindu party in our country…… 
Every wrong deed of congress has lead them in loosing belief in hindus resulting in loss of Hindu Votes…. Hence the temple Yatras of RaGa are organized to appease the Hindus.
Whereas the BJP has called many Muslim Religious Leaders in Gujarat for Campaigns in order to get Muslim Votes. Isn't it unbelievable??  Before 4years calling Hindus Terrorist and False allegation based arrests and Cases against Hindus in Malegaon Bomb Blast. And now such sudden change isn't it surprising??
Yeah definitely because of the Shifty mind set of the Hindus. Before 3years AK Antony already said that the image of Congress has became anti Hindu and now they are appeasing…hindus.
Anyway the current trends shows that the transformed Hindu Votes will rule for many years in central Rule.   
Whereas states will see changes in political ruling due to regional issues.
Utimately the Hindu mindset is shifted towards the right wing party.

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