The five kinds of students you find around !

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Well! After crawling through the school days, when one finally reaches to the college gate, you know what happens next!

Yes! You are finally the boss now !. Its now finally the time to put up your collars and put the best shoes on and be as coolest as possible.

Now that you have stepped inside the college, you will now find the variety of human beings around.

Take, for instance, these 5 examples:

  1. 1 The Obedient "Chasmees" one

    Yes! I am talking about the studious person around you. These people will always try to be the teacher's fav. Raising their hands for every single question that the teacher asks or putting their own questions up to the teacher. The innumerable queries that one can ever have. 

    Annoying?  You actually can't help. 

  2. 2 The Funny guy

    There has to be one person who tries to fool around and sound crazy in all and any situation that comes up. Yes! These people will always try to convince you of the stupidity he does and sound funny throughout. They definitely take up the responsibility to make you chill even on the eve of exam days. 

    These people will always try to lighten the situations. Now please stop complaining and enjoy his craziness.

  3. 3 The "Dukhi aatma" one

    No matter wat happens, there is always one individual who will never be
    happy. Be it the canteen food or the long lectures or even the annual
    sports day. It will always come up as "chaal na yaar kuch aur try
    karte he". And of course, the grade which they get will depress
    them the most.

    Cheer up guys. Life is not always that boring.

  4. 4 The Snob


    Yes I am talking about the superior class of people, who always
    consider themselves to have a better taste or a better choice.
    Standard of these people is always high. They would rather choose
    Starbucks than having canteen ka coffee, or would choose Prada over
    fastrack. Brand matters after all!

    Ignore na yaar!

  5. 5 Finally the Confident Sycophant

    Hmmm. They know everything. And I bet, this attitude is the most
    depressing one for all with low self-esteem. These people make sure
    that you get traumatized the night before the exam. 'Done with my
    final revision" - This is what comes up in your WhatsApp at around 7:45 pm the night before your final sem. And you know what, these people are the masters in the skill of copy-pasting during exam hours.

    Guys believe me! They actually know nothing. Don't bother yourselves
    for these people around.

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