The mermaid princess

A quick poem I wrote describing the love story of a beautiful mermaid princess. 1 min

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This is how the story shall start.

There lived a mermaid princess , 

That captured a man’s heart .

Her hair was of purple,

And then changed to a shade of yellow.

This was the man’s favourite colour ,

I assure you that is true .

Their first true sign of affection,

Begun with a playful kiss.

In the centre of universe, 

Quite impossible to miss.

He absolutely loved her hair , 

And her gorgeous starry eyes.

The colour of the ocean – blue,

So naturally no surprise. 

One day whilst talking,

About unicorns and magic.

He told her that life before,

Was miserable and tragic .

And gave to her his heart,

Confessed that rumours were indeed true .

He was the man and her the mermaid princess.

And told her “I love you.”

Beautiful fine art print , hand embellished with genuine SWAROVSKI crystals imported from Austria.

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  1. Leave your worries by the shore line
    and run your bare feet through the sand
    Make friends with the flying seagulls
    and hold the sun up your palm
    Before you duck beneath the water
    where the world is mute and calm
    The sea might make you feel alone
    but the world has problems too
    How else do you suppose
    that the ocean got so blue?