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A much awaited 2018 event, an event that is going to go down in history. The wedding of Prince Harry and his beautiful fiancee Megan Markle is due to take place on 19th May 2018 at Windsor Castle in England. Prince Harry is a royal and sixth in line to the throne whereas Megan is an American actress (you may remember her from her show 'Suits'). 

  Aren't they an adorable couple? Well, their wedding sure is the most anticipated moment of the year after the birth of Prince Louis in April. The little prince had created quite a buzz at his birth, people just couldn't wait to catch a glimpse of him. Now, I guess Prince Harry and Megan have the youngest member of the royal family too, to witness their wedding. There had been some speculation about getting Queen Elizabeth to agree, but that sorted out for good. The Queen had been apprehensive about having a foreign bride, a non-member of the Royal  Family. News has also covered that Megan confirmed that her father will not be attending the wedding, because of his not-so-good behaviour and a supposed upcoming surgery. Despite all the scandals, it is going to a memorable day.

But the entire world is more stoked about the wedding than the bride and groom themselves. The Duchess of Sussex – the title Megan is supposed to inherit on Saturday has been a really happy and glowing bride-to-be, these past couple of days. Megan is about to live her childhood dream and the dreams of many girls, she's marrying a real prince! I can't wait to see Prince Harry's adorable niece and nephew, Princess Charlotte and Prince George respectively, dress up as their bridesmaid and page boy.

And lastly, we can't wait to see Megan as a bride, dressed in a stunning gown said to be designed by an Israeli designer. She will look beautiful none-the-less. Can't wait for Saturday…

And they lived happily ever after…….

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  1. And yet they married. . .

    They met on a blind date,
    Structured in a way through a mate.
    Not sure, they would get along,
    Destiny had set them forlong.
    Likeness by both arose pronto,
    They made an appearance together in Toronto.
    Even though shy at first,
    Disclosed the arrangement outburst.
    They got titled Duke & Duchess,
    Of the royal county Sussex.
    Actress Markle and Prince Harry,
    On May 19, they got married.
    They would live happily ever after,
    Thats all one could say in a drafter.

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