These questions will determine your personality type

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  1. 1 Which eating pet peeve do you hate the most?

    1. Making-Cutlery-Sounds.gif
      Chewing loudly
    2. giphy-6.gif
      Eating messily
    3. liz.gif
      Talking while eating
    4. giphy-7.gif
      Chewing with your mouth open
  2. 2 Which game would you rather play?

    1. Cards Against Humanity
    2. Monopoly
    3. Chess
    4. Counter Strike
  3. 3 What trait would annoy you the most in your partner?

    1. giphy-8.gif
      Overly critical
    2. giphy-9.gif
    3. picky.gif
      Overly picky
    4. indecisive-gif-5.gif
  4. 4 Where would you rather live?

    1. A
    2. B
    3. C
    4. D
  5. 5 Would you rather

    1. 7e850fc8f2b9143d4901802e153716a1272d6f0157e1d3abeee40d27515b49f6.gif
      Stay up working all night
    2. giphy-10.gif
      Complete your work during the day
    3. 980x.gif
      What are you talking about? I completed the work weeks ago!
    4. tumblr_inline_n110tpSWE91rmu6kz.gif
      What are you talking about? There are still 2 days left for submission! It'll be taken care of
  6. 6 Would the movie you're watching rather have a

    1. happy-ending-gif-1.gif
      Happy ending
    2. giphy-11.gif
      Ending left to our interpretation
  7. 7 Lastly, what is your goal in life?

    1. Have a happy, relaxed life
    2. tenor-2.gif
      Be the best at what you do
    3. Be healthy mentally and physically
    4. rich.gif
      Make a lot of money

These questions will determine your personality type

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  1. Quiz result

    Type A

    You are a Type A personality! You are strong headed,  highly organized, proactive, sensitive and impatient. Your time management and efficiency is an inspiration to all!

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  2. Quiz result

    Type B

    You are a Type B personality! You live life in the moment and don't stress about the future. You love exploring new dimensions and are very creative!

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