5 Things Every Student Should Try This Summer

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It’s May and it’s officially summer! Time of the year , much relished by the students, when we are on a break and can do absolutely anything. Now I’m not going to go all philosophical on you and tell you stuff like : “Go climb that mountain” or “Go jump in that river” because “you only live once”.

While this does sound very interesting, there are also other things which you can do to make your summer more worthwhile.
  1. Take an internship – It goes without saying, how an internship can change a lot for you in the years to come. Learn a new skill. Learn to work in a team. Take a taste of how companies work. Network, make connections. Develop work ethics. And in the process, you can also make a few bucks.  There are just plenty of up sides to taking up an internship.
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  2. Work in an NGO – If you’re looking for something really meaningful , you can volunteer in an NGO. The experience of working in an NGO is not just self-fulfilling but also quite an eye opener. You feel more connected to the world and the people. It opens you up to the idea of humanity and brotherhood and puts you in the habit of selfless commitment to the society at large.
  3. Build up a portfolio – Portfolios are mostly the history of work that you’ve done previously in your field. Whatever field you are in, whether it’s design or art, you can practice more and can bring together a portfolio, to be used later, when you are looking for a job in the field. If you are in marketing, you can take up a local business as a project and market it. If you are into photography, you can go for some freelance work. Put together an instagram or a blog. Building a portfolio is a good way to stay proactive and to impress the right people through it.
  4. Travel – Of course, if you’re the ‘wanderlust’ kind, this can be the best way to spend your summer. Travelling teaches you a lot. More so , if you’re doing it independently. You can go to new places, take in new cultures, meet new people and experience new food and new lifestyle. It also teaches you a lot about planning , budgeting and socializing. Not just this, if you’re travelling while also blogging, vlogging or documenting your experiences on the go, this may even open up new opportunities for you.
  5. Read – What can be better than soaking in as much of knowledge as you possibly can this summer. Reading helps stretching your scope of thinking and imagination. You become more creative and open minded. It will not just help you in improving your vocabulary , but will also give you a more well-rounded view of the world. Just make a to-read list. Take recommendations. Sign up on good reads. Pick out books which are diverse in genres. A little of sci-fi here, a little of world politics there. And you’re good to go.

What are your plans for this summer? Are you thinking of doing it differently? Share with us your opinion.

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