5 Things Your Competitors Can Teach You about Web Design

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In this growing community, it’s easy to meet someone who is better than you are. However, competition must not be treated entirely as a threat. There are also several things you can gain from your competitors. In fact, they could be one of the reasons why you strive to be better. What’s more important is that you can learn from their successes and mistakes and use them as guides for what you should do and avoid. Here are 10 of the things your competitors can teach you about web design.


First impression lasts. The homepage welcomes your user and gives an overview of what your site is all about. Whether you like it or not, the competition starts here. With competitors around, you will always aim to have better homepage design.

Easy navigation

The design of your website should always be aimed at getting the interest of visitors. They will not stay if the design confuses them. Instead, they will click the close button. Hence, getting the layout of your website correctly is crucial.

Study your competitors’ website. Take note of the layout, the navigation, and your experience as a whole. If you find theirs easier and more convenient to use, with clean and clutter-free layout, then it’s your chance to gauge what better things you can do for your website.


Do you think images are for aesthetics? Think again. Take for an example of, a business website. How can you sell your product and services if your images are boring and there are only texts without any correspondence to that image? Remember, visitors sometimes haven’t much time to read. It’s easier to share images than mere texts. Compare the graphics in your website with your competitors’. If you see something new, try to find out how it is done. Since everyone has different levels of creativity, there’s always something you can learn from others.

Color Scheme

Branding – that’s one of the most important thing for a business to easily entice people. Look at the color, for example. What’s the dominant color of Facebook or Twitter? , Is it fit on the theme of your business? Is it too dull or too bright? Take note, consistency is very important here. Make it look like done by a professional website development company.


The right meat entices readers. Factoring in your target market is part of your web design plan and processing. The content must create the right blend to your design. It’ll serve as guide to your audience where to go, what button to click, and most importantly, what your whole business is all about.Most websites ensure that they provide quality content, why not live up to that standard? It’s much better if you give something unique into the table.

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