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The 21stcentury calls for many various reforms, since everything is available at just a touch, it is important that we have everything at our disposal. Since we live through our phones, we feel the need to know everything that goes on around us. That is when the news apps come to the rescue. The newspapers are always here to stay but now with our fast-paced lives we need everything in an instant, instant coffee and instant news. Here are few of the top short news apps in 2018, that will make your lives easier. The digital era has just begun.

  1. 1 Flipboard

    This app is good for both local and international news. It is user-friendly and extremely easy to use. It offers so many different genres such as news, entertainment, health, technology and so on. You have a great range of articles at your disposal and you can choose whatever interests you. Just like many other apps Flipboard too offers personalized content for your convenience. It also comes with fun animation and large images that makes browsing fun. And you can easily download it from the app store.

  2. 2 Feedly

    It is one of the best-organized apps in the field. With its various features, it is extremely popular among readers. It offers a wide range of features such as organizing your content into easy-to-read feeds and power searches that help you delve directly into your favourite contents without much time and effort needed. Feedly offers a clean, minimalist reading experience designed for enhancing productivity. It also has the bookmark option that allows you to save your articles and get back to them easily, it enables you to share your favourite articles with your friends on Facebook, LinkedIn and so on. It helps you to discover new topics from a broad array of content. Feedly also has an impressive community of avid readers. It is really popular amongst the millennials as it saves time. It is easily available on any Android phone or tablet.

  3. 3 Awesummly

    Awesummly is the fastest short news app in India. It offers news in about 60-80 words which makes it easy for you get updates and doesn’t make the news long and boring. Awesummly offers some of the best features with live cricket feeds and just like Feedly has the share and bookmark features. It also has the personalized content option to narrow down what interests you. It has instant news updates and news notifications and audio news that enables to listen to all the important news in less than a minute and with its offline reading option you won’t get bored during flights. The best thing about this app is that it is an ad-free platform so, you are sure to be safe from all the pesky ads from popping on your screen and obstructing your reading.

  4. 4 Inoreader

     It functions a lot like Feedly and boasts about being good for people who love to save time. With its vibrant community of content curators, you are sure to find your ideal pick of articles through their discovery mode. You can save time by using the rules feature that instantly tags and organizes your preferred content as it comes. You can find all your favourite news at your fingertips. Inoreader gives you unlimited subscriptions for free – isn’t that great you can get the best at absolutely no fee. It is easily accessible through your Android and Apple store as well as, the Windows Store.

  5. 5 The Times Of India News App

    It instantly transports you to the interesting land of local news, world news, sports, Bollywood and much, much more, anytime and anywhere. With its trustworthy sources, it digs deep to bring the news to your display. Being headed by one of the best newspapers in the country, you are sure to get the best from this app. It also helps you check live feeds and live cricket scores as well as easily share content with your peers at just a touch. It is compatible with not only Android but also for Windows 8 and 8.1.

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  1. 6.inshorts
    inshorts is a news app where we can stay informed on all world news in just 60 words.No boring lengthy news.Short and simple and a must download app.

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