What Food Influencers or Bloggers actually do?

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Nowadays every restaurant has a table were taking the pictures of the food appears to be more important rather than eating it and if it’s a new restaurant then the chances of the face behind the camera or phone (the new Camera) being a Food Influencer or a Food Blogger Might be high.

So, what does a Food Influencer actually do? Just merely click pictures of Food, well the answer is no, it just

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might be the start of the whole process. They create magic with the beautiful photos they have captured and after final editing of pics, they post on the their wide range of Social Media Platforms like Instagram, YouTube, Blogging, etc, and creates a following that is significant enough that they can make the Restaurant the most happening place of the locality.

Food Influencers job isn’t that easy as it seems, they have to keep trying new things every season and should give authentic reviews on the dishes or Restaurant they have tried and come up with themes of Food pics that keep their followers hooked to their social media platform. Most of them have to do all the work alone like editing, layouts and many other things before posting their final product, what many don’t realize the hard work that goes beyond the perfect rosy pictures of Food that are posted on Instagram and other social media platforms.

New Career option in the Horizon

Food Blogging has now been seen has career

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choice, but like any other fields this is also highly competitive and unlike other professional jobs, blogging depends on how many followers you have, so, you can’t merely rely on your talent and also have to learn to cope with chefs who won’t take negative review given by you very kindly. If one still like to pursue a career in being Food Influencers or Blogger they have be good photographer along with being a good writer and also have periodic consultation with Hotels, client’s and chef.

Why does Restaurant owner need Food Influencers?

There is many ways to advertise a new place or food like traditional practices like placing ads in newspaper, pamphlet, Tv ads, Banners, etc. but even today word to mouth advertising creates more conversion leads than any of the above mentioned platforms. If the advertisement done by the Food Influencer then your new recipe or hotel just reached the thousands of people who are followers of that Influencer and are most likely to try out that delicious dishes. Chefs and Owner of many restaurants’ points out the simplest dishes often become Instagram stars because Influencers photograph well. Half of the people who order the food ordered because of the photo of the dish. The Restaurant owners invite Food bloggers or Influencers to taste their dishes for free and sometimes even pay them for the same, they say that money invested have brought them fruitful outcome.


This collaboration of Food Influencers and Restaurant owners have brought positive outcomes with regards to monetary value for both the parties involved and for foodies they can taste the delicious dishes and feast their eyes on lovely pics of food on Instagram.



















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  1. A new perspective on food blogging. We depend on the reviews for many of our choices as they are given by our friends. Until they’re honest with the reviews we are in safe hands.