What kind of friend do you have?

Friends make college life fun.Let's take this quiz to find the personality of your friend. 1 min

  1. 1 You are together for a long time.Of late you are getting closer to another friend.Your friend’s reaction would be?

    1. 1)Is happy that they can have another person in the gang
    2. 2)Feels sad but will not express it
    3. 3)Gets angry and stops talking to you
    4. 4)It doesn't matter
  2. 2 You like someone in college,your friend will

    1. 1)Do nothing
    2. 2)Try to bring both of you together
    3. 3)Dissuade you from pursuing that person
    4. 4)Try to land that person before you
  3. 3 Your friend's idea of spending free time

    1. 1)Partying
    2. 2)Spending time doing things that both of you enjoy
    3. 3)Do whatever you want
    4. 4)One sided chatting,where you have to listen to your friend's heroics.
  4. 4 Your friend's idea of studying

    1. 1)Studying!What's that?
    2. 2)Combined study with you
    3. 3)Always studying
    4. 4)Comes to you during exam-time to get your notes
  5. 5 At a party,your friend will

    1. 1)Abandon you and go after the opposite sex
    2. 2)Dance with you
    3. 3)Want to sit with you in a corner and watch others partying
    4. 4)Try to be the centre of attention
  6. 6 You are going through a break-up.Your friend will

    1. 1)Joke about it
    2. 2)Tries to lift your spirit by taking you out
    3. 3)Acts as if nothing is wrong
    4. 4)Try to befriend your lover
  7. 7 You have disclosed a closet secret with your friend.Your friend will

    1. 1)Have a good laugh
    2. 2)Keep the secret and comfort you
    3. 3)Judge you and make you feel bad
    4. 4)Take advantage and intimidate you
  8. 8 You are involved in a scuffle.Your friend will

    1. 1)Flee the scene
    2. 2)Try to get you out of the situation amicably
    3. 3)Join you and fight the rivals
    4. 4)Watch and enjoy the drama
  9. 9 Your friend's future plans

    1. 1)No plans
    2. 2)Join any good company and if needed will recommend you
    3. 3)Same plan as you
    4. 4)To somehow pass the exams .
  10. 10 You have become popular in college.Your friend will

    1. 1)Tease you
    2. 2)Be happy and encourage you
    3. 3)Feel jealous
    4. 4)Try to hog the limelight with you

What kind of friend do you have?

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  1. Quiz result


    Your friend is the life of any gang.This person can make any serious situation fun.With this person around you definitely will have many hilarious moments.

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    You are very lucky.This is that friend that makes your college life safe.This person will stick with you no matter what and makes sure that your life is peaceful.

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    This friend will go to any length to own you.While it is good to know that someone is possessive about you, too much controlling might even be dangerous.So exercise caution.

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    This person will try to gain from you.Having this person in your life will make you aware of your strengths. But if you don't act wisely this person will take the credit for all your efforts.

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