What MBA Students should learn from most sporting events IPL?

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  • IPL teaches you the best mangement lessons that would be useful  for the corporate world.
  • If you are great observer and understand the strategy that is used by various teams, you can apply the same in  your corporate  life.

Lesson 1: Always work as a team.

  • Different teams use the best set of players in order to win the matches, that only happen when everyone works and delivers in team.
  • The best example for this, when RCB consistently lost 6 matches and bounced back by winining subsquently all the remaining matches.
  • This was on account of working on their shortcomings during the losses in the first half of the tournament.

Lesson 2: Brand Building positions you best.

  • Brand plays an important role for all the teams in IPL, to gain maximum support and fans for them.
  • This only depends on a good marketing strategy and plan which every team utilizes wheather it is in Advertisement or exeution.

Lesson 3: Appreciation and Motivation

  • When a batsman hits four or sixes, there is a cheerleader who motivates and encourges to hit more and more runs.
  • The more batsman makes run the chances of getting the " Man of the match award".

Corportae Takeaway: While the players are rewarded for their outstanding performances, managers should be on the forefront when it comes to appreciation and enhancing the motivation of employees.

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