What Type of College Student Are You??

Take this quiz to know how your personality is defined as a collegiate. 1 min

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  1. 1 How often do you attend lectures?

    1. Attend Regularly
    2. Attend only when its important.
    3. Want to go but cannot leave bed.
    4. Not interested.
  2. 2 What is your favourite past time?

    1. Watching series.
    2. Reading.
    3. Hanging out with friends.
    4. Surfing.
    5. Shopping
    6. None of these.
  3. 3 Do you like your professors?

    1. Yes, very much.
    2. Only a few of them.
    3. No one !
    4. Neither like nor dislike.
  4. 4 Your idea of a birthday party in a hostel is?

    1. Full fun day and hanging out.
    2. Eating at a fancy restaurant
    3. Night party in a club
    4. Getting high in the hostel room
  5. 5 Are your goals clear to you?

    1. Still searching for my interest.
    2. I know what my goal is.
    3. Don't want to decide, destiny will do that.
    4. First graduate then decide.
    5. None of these
  6. 6 Do you think hostel life is good?

    1. Yes, it makes us independent
    2. No, we never learn good things but only bad ones
    3. Depends on person
    4. It can be best if hostel food is good too
  7. 7 Your idea of a perfect education?

    1. Compulsory attendance, No exams.
    2. No attendance but weekly exams.
    3. Compulsory attendance weekly exams.
    4. Certain defined % of attendance.
    5. Present is good.
    6. none.

What Type of College Student Are You??

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  1. Quiz result

    Go-getter and makes best of your time.

    You like to be busy at times and on days you just don't want to do anything. But that doesn't affect your daily life because you know where you are heading towards. You are aware of your future and realize where your potential lies.

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  2. Quiz result

    Slightly introvert but highly capable.

    You may not make your assignments on time or open your books regularly but what differentiates you from your peers is that you make the best out of the time in your hands and that makes you unstoppable.

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  3. Quiz result

    Out-of-the-box thinker

    You observe everyone and problems don't face you directly because you know how to handle them better than others. Your friends also rely on you for that.

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