What type of Collegiate Are you?

Take this quiz to know what defines your personality as a college student. Share to compare with your friends. 1 min

  1. 1 What is your favourite past time?

    1. Reading
    2. Surfing
    3. Watching series.
    4. Gaming
  2. 2 Your favourite weekend activity ?

    1. Shopping
    2. Hanging out
    3. Sleeping.
    4. Adventures.
  3. 3 Your favourite dish is?

    1. Italian
    2. Chinese
    3. Mexican
    4. Indian
  4. 4 What are you good at?

    1. Singing
    2. Dancing
    3. Sports
    4. Gaming
  5. 5 Your friend circle is?

    1. Lots of friends
    2. Few friends like family
    3. One best friend
    4. Like to be in your own company
  6. 6 You want to make career in?

    1. Medicine
    2. Engineering
    3. Law
    4. According to hobby
  7. 7 Who are your best supporters?

    1. Family
    2. Close friends
    3. I am independant

What type of Collegiate Are you?

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  1. Quiz result

    Out of the box thinker and extrovert.

    You observe everyone and problems don't face you directly because you know how to handle them better than others. Your friends also rely on you for that. You are also very friendly with your peers and have the potential to excel in academics.

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  2. Quiz result

    Go getter and opportunist.

    At present ,you might not know where you are heading towards but you make the best out of your opportunities, which makes your potential even better. 

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  3. Quiz result

    Positive attitude towards life and people.

    You like to be in an environment which resonates with your mind and don't seek attention from others. You create your own space where you think everything is possible and no one can interfere.

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