What would you prefer doing this summer?

It's the month of may and most of the colleges might have already declared holidays by now. So, here's a poll to find out what people prefer to do this summer. 1 min

  1. Travel?

    1. Of course, I love it.
    2. Nope. No budget.
    3. Busy life,
    2 votes
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  2. Get into some coaching class.

    1. I'm a genius. I don't need it.
    2. I should, I have bad grades.
    3. Better than lazing around at home.
    1 votes
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  3. Cricket and other sports.

    1. Yep! I love cricket
    2. Mad or what! It's hot outside.
    3. I'm captain cool. So, if the day is cool, I'm cool with playing.
    1 votes
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  4. Internships

    1. Will do but who will give?
    2. Already into one.
    3. I don't prefer jobs.
    1 votes
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  5. Charitable work

    1. Never did before, but would love to.
    2. Sorry bro, No time for that.
    3. Yeah, I'm doing it.
    0 votes
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  6. Filming

    1. Nah! we good.
    2. I'm so passionate about that.
    3. Willl try
    1 votes
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  7. Lazing around

    1. Heart for this.
    2. insomniac life bro
    3. No, I'd prefer to do something than lazing around.
    0 votes
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