Whatever you want to be is the new Sexy!

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Welcome to another #TruthBombMon

1. #SaggyBoobsMatter (but more on this on the next Monday post!)

2. I think we put ourself In labels“skinny” “fat” “muscular” etc. For me right now I am anything but skinny and I think all my life I just wanted to be skinny. To Have smaller (perkier) boobs, MUCH smaller legs, smaller waist… just being smaller from everywhere.

And you know what I was really skinny when I was younger but because people told me I have “big thighs” I automatically assumed my thighs are gigantic and ugly. (Side note: I almost had a thigh gap so you know 🤷🏾‍♀️ but I always saw my self as a huge being!)

Looking back at the pictures now I feel so stupid and constantly wonder why I was so hard on myself. I wouldn’t eat, thinking that my “ribs showing” is “attractive” and feeling giddy and sick all the time is just a process because at least the ribs are showing.


Your priority should always be to REMAIN HEALTHY! Your inner world is AS IMPORTANT as your physical appearance.

We get so caught up trying to be slender, thinner, thicker, muscular that our digestive system and mental health go for a toss.

Fitness is not about ‘putting your body and mind through hell.’ It’s about being able to do activity effectively. It’s about being able to perform better! That’s what you should track, if you could never run in your life and now you can run 3 kms that’s great! You keep working at that and improving for the better.

You physical composition will always change. Whatever body you are in is BEAUTIFUL.

We have been conditioned by society and media to make us believe that our bodies are a problem and we need an easy fix to buy their products; creams, lotions, belts, pills and fads (that won’t work) to compact a problem that was never there in the first place.


It’s really sad and it’s often not our fault that we often pick ourself on our parts like cellulite, non existing thing gap or too much thigh gap, too much rib showing or no rib showing, or being too short or being too tall, too dark or too light, too big a nose too small a nose to flat a nose, not a perfect smile too yellow teeth, tummy rolls, folds and bumps and so much more. Because we have been taught this from an influential age that’s left these spiteful impressions in ourselves.

But the hateful teachings of shame we carry in our body CAN be unlearned though. Seeing ourselves has whole humans other than parts that’s where it starts.


Really undertaking that our body is our home the more you hate it the more unhappy you will be.

I was skinny and I was still so unhappy with myself. I’m learning to love myself, flaws and all. I’m learning to be happy. There are days which are off but I’m learning to be kind to myself.

Accepting ourselves for what we have and then making positive changes for the better is the next step. But accepting is the first.

Then pouring all that Self love gently into our systems will make ourselves love ourself. For then when the grotesque thoughts appear we will not be as hard on ourselves. We will just be at peace with ourselves. Because we stopped the battle in our minds.

You are a masterpiece.

P. S: I can crush someone’s head with my legs now!

P.P.S: WHATEVER YOU want to be is the NEW SEXY! 💙

“Whatever you want to be is the new Sexy!” 💁🏾‍♀️

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  1. Perfection lies in our imperfections, so let’s own our flaws. Well-said and beautifully depicted. We should not be judged by our thigh gaps and waistlines or different shapes, sizes and colour for beauty is found in everything and everywhere.

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