Which Bollywood Star Are You?You have 10 Celebrities to choose from!

Everyone loves to the glamorous life of Bollywood. Here, you get a chance to know your Bolly character! 1 min

A college has a variety of students- the nerd, the shy, the grounded, the rowdy.

Similarly, Bollywood has a lot of celebrities with different personalities. Take a look at these different characters and choose the best one for you.

  1. 1 Aamir Khan

    Teacher’s favorite, is that you? Yes, yes, yes!

    The first bencher geek everyone wants to be friends with during exams!You are the last day resort of every student. From the important class notes to most probable questions, you have the answer to all their queries. 

  2. 2 Ranveer Singh

    Never present in class but running after the teachers during semesters with a duck face?

    Many find you snobbish, weird, crazy and outrageous, but you give two hoots to them? Quite a match with Ranveer Singh then!

  3. 3 Deepika Padukone

    A very poised lady wishing good for everyone. Not you but your work speaks, and no sign of vanity even after huge achievements.

    You go girl. You are sure to do great wonders in life. 

  4. 4 Shah Rukh Khan

    A fairy-tale romantic man, always scrolling through the pictures of your crush? You find her everywhere and can even go to fulfilling her crazy Bollywood dreams. You are the S.R.K to your girl.

  5. 5 Sonam Kapoor

    All the high end brands find a place in your wardrobe. Right from your clothes to your accessories, people follow your fashion mantra. You are the Style Diva of your college.

  6. 6 Salman Khan

    You are the ever dominating man who uses muscle power to get things done. You are the bully and people are even scared of complaining against you.

    Your favorite actor is also Salman Khan, and all his tricks are under your sleeve.

  7. 7 Akshay Kumar

    Sports quota is your gateway everywhere. Right from cricket to kick boxing, you are the sports rep and leader of your college.

  8. 8 Kareena Kapoor

     You know all that is happening around in your college and you love talking about it. Gossiping with friends is your favorite pastime. People come to you for some fresh and crisp whispers.

     A drama queen who owns up for what you do. You like it, you do it.

  9. 9 Alia Bhatt

    Cute? Yes. Adorable? Yes. Everyone’s favorite? Yes. Intelligence? No.

    If you can mistake M.S.Office as M.S.Dhoni, then you definitely have a problem. Gear up, do not let the Alia Bhatt in you rule over.

  10. 10 Kangana Ranaut

    No words of appeasement and no reading between the lines. People don't like you because you are frank and direct. Sometimes you are a little too harsh on others, but that is because of your outspoken nature and you are too good in dealing with it.

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