Which college species do you relate to?

There are six types of student you see at every campus. Which one are you? 1 min

  1. 1 What is your favorite pasttime?

    1. Shopping
    2. Dancing
    3. Writing
    4. Photography
    5. Watching TV
    6. Reading
  2. 2 What is favorite travel destination?

    1. Paris
    2. Las Vegas
    3. London
    4. New York
    5. Australia
    6. Mauritius
  3. 3 Which is your favorite quote?

    1. Beauty quote
    2. Music heals
    3. Work hard
    4. Enjoy the moment
    5. Be different
    6. For the wise
  4. 4 Which is your favorite food?

    1. Cakes
    2. Chicken nuggets
    3. Samosa
    4. Pav bhaji
    5. Burger
    6. Biryani
  5. 5 Which movie character do you relate to the most?

    1. Shanaaya
    2. DJ
    3. Hermione
    4. Arjun
    5. Sid
    6. Harry Potter
  6. 6 Which footwear do you like?

    1. Pumps
    2. Shoes
    3. Glittery heels
    4. Sneakers
    5. Flats
    6. Loafers
  7. 7 Which is your favorite app?

    1. Instagram
    2. Facebook
    3. Linkedin
    4. Pinterest
    5. Youtube
    6. Amazon kindle

Which college species do you relate to?

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    You are the ultimate fashion icon of your college.  You think that the college is a ramp and you are the showstopper. Your sole motive for coming to college is to display your fashion sense. You know about all the latest trends and you always try to get into it.

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    Party animals!

    You are a party animal!. You are never sober in the morning, always high from the previous night's party you had. You are always ready to party, be it a college fest or a friend's birthday or any other reason.

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    Teacher's pet!

    'Yes ma'am', 'No ma'am' are the only phrases you know. You always buzz around teachers, sit on front benches and are teachers' favorites. You are mostly found in the corridors of staff and always asking questions in between lectures.

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    Event Managers!

     You participate in nearly all the college events. Organizing, performing, promoting or whatever may be the activity, you are a part of it. For you, multitasking is the way of life. Everyone is jealous about how you can get away with bunking a few lectures under the excuse of ‘college work’ but respect you for your responsible work.

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    The Bunkers!

    Always found in the class of the professor of opposite sex, but never otherwise. You attend lectures very rarely but still manage to pass. You are sleeping, in the canteen, in the mess, nearby smoking/drinking areas but never in the lectures. Life is a terrible mess but you still play it cool.

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    The Scholar!

    You are the scholar student of your college. Answering all the questions coming from the teacher, performing every practical with determination and completing all assignments way before the deadline. Your hard work earns you all the trust and respect from the teachers.The teachers already know that the assignments of most of the students are ‘inspired’ by your work.'  Library, Reference book, Topper, Organized, Sincere, Distinction , A+ are the words closely related to you.

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