You might know these 5 struggles if you are a MRIU warrior.

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  1. 1 When someone asks you, ‘How’s your college?’

    This is the biggest struggle for a student when someone from more reputed university asks you about your college. And you try not being a nerd, who complains about the college, answering them smartly by saying. “Yeah, Infrastructure is great.” You don’t need to go out for your photo-shoot sessions, college can be the perfect location for the greenery, sunsets, or mountains in the background.

  2. 2 Teacher versus mobile phones.


    Only a true adroit and ambidextrous can handle this situation. A situation in which a student has to keep one hand on the desk holding pen and the other hand using the mobile phone. Student keeping one eye on the teacher’s footstep and the other eye on the recent meme. And the with these qualities you need to survive throughout your graduation days.

  3. 3 Always alarming last dates, assignments, and fines.

    Being a college student with such a great faculty is tough at times. I mean, when faculty feels that you are a rich brat, but the truth is concealed in your heart. Announcing fines for the due dates seems nonchalant for the staff and here I am talking about those due dates which are announced on the due date itself. Same is the case for the assignments, which can only be done in a decade and they say to submit it tomorrow.

  4. 4 Never ending guest lectures.

    Guest lectures are great for the grooming of students’ development and growth academically as well as mentally. But these lectures sound boring at times. But these lectures also play important role in increasing your attendance number. Plus, they never end on time and you spend the whole lecture noticing the speed of your ticking clock.

  5. 5 Packed library during exams.

    The land of books which is always deserted on the regular days is filled by the array and it gets difficult to even step in. I demand you to never underestimate your university library’s power. It can do miracles in your end moment preparations only if you get a sit.

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