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“You need the experience to get experience”, someone rightly said. This seems to be the biggest issue for college students at some point in their lives. And in my life, it has already arrived. Employers these days look for a relevant work history when hiring candidates for the job. In this process, even your friend who was with you in college all these years has become your competition too. So in this fiercely competitive world, the question that arises is how to get an internship, or is it even worthy to do one?

I was in the same dilemma two weeks back. I was really confused whether to apply for an internship or go for a training. The challenge here was to find the internship of my interest, a place where I could possibly learn to apply some portions of my theoretical knowledge which I’d been studying all these years.

I was in this stressful situation for a few more days until one day, when I came across this amazing platform, MyCampusPost, where you get some of the coolest features which help you build your own college magazine where you’re the editor and people can know the latest ongoings in and around the college. It is a young, online community
of creators, artists, photographers and writers. Here we like to talk about everything, from the hottest club in town, to how adulting isn’t meant for all of us, the latest fashion trends, your newest hobbies, the last moving speech you saw on YouTube, the latest tv shows that’s trending.

This is a place where you can grow your overall personality, a place which gives you an opportunity to bring out your creative side and let it flourish. Get involved in this mission to be the part of this amazing content related company which is steered passionately by people looking to develop their careers. Join us in this mission.

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