1964: Nasser and Khrushchev divert the Nile

President Gamal Abdul Nasser of Egypt and Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev have marked the first stage in the building of the Aswan High Dam.1 min

The explosion marked the completion of the first stage of the billion‐dollar power and irrigation project, which is de­signed to remake the face of this ancient and underdeveloped land.

Mr. Khrushchev termed the Soviet‐aided dam project the “eighth wonder” of the world and conferred upon President Nasser the title Hero of the Soviet Union for having ini­tiated work on “the greatest dam on the African continent.”

As Premier Khrushchev and President Nasser addressed 5,000 officials, diplomats and construction workers seated un­der tents, the building of the second stage—the main dam itself—continued less than half a mile away. Hundreds of off­duty workers, however, stood nearby shouting their slogans n praise of “Gamal!” and “Ni­kita Khrushchev!”

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