A Voter’s Letter to the People’s Representatives

In India, each and every state election is being analyzed as a turning point in the bigger 2019 story...2 min

My Dear Indian Politicians,

In India, each and every state election is being analyzed as a turning point in the bigger 2019 story. Earlier, the Mahagathbandhan combine was seen as an imperative step taken by a power hungry opposition to get the reins of 7 RCR into their hands but now it seems as if this alliance albeit made owing to the hunger for power is posing some serious challenges and questions to the ruling dispensation. As is evident with various state election and polls, the NDA seems to have lost a lot of ground that needs to be reclaimed if the Modi-Shah combine wants the Prime Ministership to be intact in their hands. 

The Mahagathbandhan has a lot of ammunition to be fired at the current dispensation owing to the fact that demonetization and GST created more problems for the common man rather than the targets of these "reforms" and also the fact that right now in India, farmers across 22 states have committed suicide. If this is the reality of my country, then how is the debate around Ram Mandir being built in Ayodhya relevant or for that very reason how was the debate around our very honorable former President, Pranab Mukherjee going to an event hosted by the RSS relevant?

The Mahagathbandhan, however, has some serious course correction to do for itself as well because of the biggest challenge that they are facing right now in terms of ideological disagreements on issues more than one or two in order to be seen as serious contenders to the Modi-Shah combine in 2019. They need to completely eschew from giving statements like, " The attempt to assassinate the Indian PM is a piece of fake news" and also from giving absolutely ridiculous statements like, " The owner of Coca-Cola company was a shikanji seller." in order to be taken seriously by the electorate. The Third Front needs to stop the infighting in their camps and they need to talk about the issues that the country is facing with much more seriousness. 

Each and every politician in India today needs to remember one simple fact that empty promises do not satiate a famished child's hunger. Instead of doing tu-tu main-main on silly, stupid points and in a way more theatrical and comical manner, politicians actually need to get in touch with the voter who has put them in those echelons of power. Gone are the days when the voter used to touch a politician's feet and scream out loud, " Arre mai-baap aa Gaye" as in this day and age where public life is more or less governed by the social media, the public has got more fillip to hold the establishment accountable for all those promises that were written with golden letters in the election manifestoes but have not been fulfilled or worked towards at all.

With Respect and Anger,

A Young Voter

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