I am unsure about the fact that how much effective will be this post, but I feel helpless and left with no option other than voicing my concerns here. 2 min

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I am unsure about the fact that how much effective will be this post, but I feel helpless and left with no option other than voicing my concerns here. I request my sensible readers to devote your precious 5minutes time in this post and do suggest me in comments if you have come up with some relevant solutions.

Every morning when I dig into the pages of newspaper, I come across at least one news headline on sexual assault/rape. When I researched on it to get some statistical data, I was terrified. According to a report by child rights NGO CRY, sexual offence is committed against a child in India every 15minutes and there has been increase of more than 500% over the past 10years in crime against minors. Looking back to the latest data available, in 2016, India recorded 106rapes a day, and four out of every ten victims were minors. This is horrendous. The figures must have raised in these couple of years. The Thomson Reuters Foundation β€” the philanthropic arm of Reuters media company β€” released a study that ranked India as the most dangerous place because of its high incidences of sexual violence, lack of access to justice in rape cases, child marriage, female feticide and human trafficking.

I would like to list out some of the incidences out of the hundreds which I found disgusting in recent times.

  1. Three- four minors raped a 4-year girl in Kanpur. The boys told police that they watched some pornographic clips before committing this sin.
  2. Principal, teachers and students, eighteen people, raped a 13-year old girl student in school for almost 7 months.
  3. A 99-year old landlord raped a 10year girl in Chennai.
  4. A 40-year old woman was allegedly gang-raped by four persons in the forest area of Betul district in Madhya Pradesh
  5. 17-year old boy gang-raped by 5 men in Ghaziabad, Iron Rod inserted in private parts.
  6. A 2-year old boy was sexually assaulted in Kolkata Day-care.

Shocked? Surprised? Terrified?

So much of diversity. I think sexual assault is the only thing which doesn’t discriminate people on sex, age, race, caste and religion. We are not safe either at home or at school, workplace. In fact, we are not safe at temples, mosques, churches, Gurudwaras either. Where will we go? Is there any place in this sacred country where people of its own land are safe? Who to be blame at? What is the panacea?

We need to find the solution to this alarming issue as soon as possible but putting blame on others is not definitely the one. Not a particular group is at risk but the entire nation is, not sparing the heads also. Think, you are responsible for it, I am responsible for it, and we all are responsible for it. We need to stand unisonally and raise our voice for it. We need to spread awareness among ourselves and educate our, previous and next generations about right and wrong. We need to cut this out from the root. A learned person (literal sense) would never hurt someone sexually and emotionally.  However, we also need to punish those inhuman who lost their senses and are culprits of these hurtful acts. They certainly don’t deserve to be a part of this civilised society and spread their negativities all around.

Dear readers, the purpose of penning down my heart out is not to get likes and shares obviously. I appreciate your patience but my main objective will be fulfilled when there will be no such incidence happening around. We can achieve it together. Please educate yourself and others on this matter. Let us take an oath now, to make India free from sexual assaults. Share knowledge, share love. πŸ™‚

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  1. The attrocities against the female need an utmost attention at present. An educated mindset, stringent actions and moral insight can only lead for a sexual assault free Indian society.

  2. Very true even we all need to look in our own houses. From childhood, if every parent thought their children either it is a girl or boy how to behave then the sexual assault/rape will automatically decline

  3. Hey Sophia, i am equally disgusted by these kinds of news which is all over my newsfeed every single day. Its terrifying and scary. But what’s surprising is, despite the courts ordering capital punishment for rapists of minors, the cases have started being reported even more. It seems the punishment does not act as a deterrent at all. I guess the only way we have now is to be alert and conscious especially when we go out. But what about those innocent survivors who are raped at their homes by their neighbours, relatives, friends…. It has become a menace and my blood boils whenever i read these incidents. In one of the incidents that is mentioned in your article, it says the rapists saw porn before committing the crime; At the risk of sounding a ‘conservative’/backward person, i think porn does contribute to increase in rape incidents to a certain extent. Because i have read this in a lot of incidents and in one incident happened where it said the rapist watched porn before raping his own mother…….his own mother, that is outrageous; All i can say is we should educate our sons to control there fucking sexual urges and stop playing with the lives of innocent boys, girls, babies, women.Period.

    1. Ya Fatima I agree with you. But we should not educate only boys, everyone around us need to be educated on this. This is totally pathetic that now a days minor rapes have increased. It’s high time that we spread the awareness as much as we can.

  4. clearly one of the rising issues apart from unemployment of the youth and inflation is undoubtedly the sexual atrocity one has to face in today’s India. administration is nothing but a mere puppet in the hands of the political heads and all one manages to do is to blame the religious involvements in such cases. being the largest democracy we take pride in ourselves yet such heinous crimes are at a rise and that too on an exponential rate, which is no less than an embarrassment for us.

    1. Ya Francis, but it is not the time that we should blame government or anything for this. We should take this up as our problem and solve it as much as we can. I agree that laws need to be changed and those rapists need to be punished but this won’t affect much if we won’t educate ourselves. So please share these words with as much as you can πŸ™‚

      1. obviously ma’am the best way to change is to educate ourselves and follow the policy of each one teach one !
        it’s only us and ourselves who needs to come ahead and be a responsible citizen of the country to take a step towards the change.

  5. The numbers have left me shocking But, it is time we react and do something about this raging crime. As you said it is important we discuss more about sexual assaults and abandon this horrible crime from the world.

    1. Yes, this heinous crime need to be stopped right away. We can’t be more tolerant and take it as a trivial issue. Let’s spread awareness together.

  6. Truly explained…Its just horrifying that we are living in a country where the majority of population that is women, are afraid to step out of their house. All thanks to these beasts who should not be put into the category of men, they are a shame even to the masculine community…

    1. Both men and women are of all ages are suffering. We had enough, now it’s time to say less and act more. Let’s erase this shameful crime together.


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