7 Reasons why MS Dhoni has most number of haters in his own country

Ms dhoni's initial outburst into indian team is the story that gives consolation to many a strugglers. 1 min

Hating Ms dhoni is like breathing to me how can I stop breathing??.e po

  1. 1 Best finisher for the opponents.

    1. Ms dhoni's approach towards taking the game into last over has cost matches.He bats in a test match approach in odi's or t20's,making it statement like he can play test cricket which he could not deliever in his long streatched career.
  2. 2 He is just an ordinary player.

    The amount of chances he got in test match cricket was unfair for the others wicketkeepers in india.He played with the best players of indian cricket .It was due to theirs contribution india did well not because of him or his captioncy.

  3. 3 Dhoni's fans logics are bizzare.

    A normal cricket fans posses cricket termonology.They can like Abd for his 360 approach towards batting ,Rahul dravid for his calm nature,Sachin for his class batting.But if you ask Msd fans they will says because he has won world cup.Hahaha how absurd is this logic.While saying this they forget that they could be counter argued about what was his performances in those global icc events.

    PS :Dhoni's performance in icc events is worst.

  4. 4 Dhoni plays in slow strike rate.

    He is called best finisher by his fans however the fact is indai has never won a match when he faced the last bowl of the innings .Dj bravo (florida t20),Nevile Madziva(harare t20), kagiso rabada(kanpur odi), chris woakes(denied single to Raydu -edgbaston t20)

  5. 5 Dhoni fans are too weak in facts.

    Whenever therr will be a cricket debate dhoni's fans will harp upon he has won two world cups ,IPL trophies.but when they say that dhoni has won these cup then there should be data of his performances and they unfortunately they can't provide this.It's all about team performance which wins you tournaments.What did he produced when he was the caption of RPS in 2016 IPL edition. It was not about that india did not had leader infact the data shows india has won more matches when dhoni was not in team.

  6. 6 Double standards for some players.

    When there were so much of debate in cb series where we saw the rotation policy which was applied on sehwag, sachin and gambhir.The reason that was given that they are old age cricketer and team need to score 10-15 extra run for their cover up forgetting that they were class player and can score 30-40 extra run compared to those set of players with whom they were replaced .Now when he himself has come into the stage of old age cricketer he is saying age is just a number so was not this the dame for Dravid,Laxman,Sehwag??

  7. 7 Dhoni's overseas records is not something to talk about.

    A complete cricketer is who performs in every condition.Even bhuvneshwar kumar looks better batsmen than him in overseas conditions. R Ashwin has more centuries than him in test cricket.

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