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This is not only the first time in history that Russia plays host to the FIFA World Cup from June 14 to July 15, 2018, but also the first time ever a World Cup will take place in Eastern Europe. Russia is the biggest host country in World Cup history.

FIFA In Two Continents.

The 2002 FIFA World Cup was the first time that matches were held in two different countries — South Korea and Japan. 2018 World Cup is the first in history to witness matches in two different continents — Europe and Asia.

The mascot is a wolf named Zabivaka.

The 2018 World Cup mascot, the representative symbol of the tournament was chosen via online voting.

Russia To England !

The distance between the easternmost host city (Ekaterinburg) and the westernmost host city (Kaliningrad) at the 2018 World Cup is over 2,415 km.That’s about the same distance as Moscow to London, England.


The official partner of the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia is McDonald’s.

12 stadiums!

The tournament will take place in a total of 12 stadiums across the 11 host cities. Moscow is the only city with two stadiums— Luzhniki and Spartak. The centrepiece stadium for the World Cup, the Luzhniki stadium in Moscow, has a capacity of 81,000 people.


All World Cups before this one have been won by Europeans (11) or South Americans (9) teams. Guess one has to be born in one of the two continents to clench that golden FIFA trophy!

Very Big In Number.

The highest attendance ever tuned in to watch the 2014 World Cup. With approximately 3.2 billion spectators all over the world and an average attendance of 53,000 fans per game, the 2014 FIFA tournament broke all records.

Deal With Millions.

The prize money given by FIFA to the winning team is a hefty $35 million. The runner-up team gets $25 million. No wonder, losing the game is also worthwhile! Actually, there are no losers, for even the participating teams take home about an $8 million cheque each!

Can Germany Do That?

Ever since Brazil won its second World Cup in a row in 1962, no other nation has been able to pull off the mean feat. Germany, the champions of 2014, will try their luck at the 2018 championship to win back the Cup. If that works out, Germany will be the second team to have five World Cup titles to their name.

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