The Future of Football in India

The possibilities of Indian Football development in comparison with the top Footballing Nations, Futuringo - Future of the Goal.3 min

Last year, 2017, India hosted the Under – 17 World Cup. For the very first time, the country hosted a so important, big event like this in the arena of football. The Indian Team performed well, the scorelines won’t reflect that. The only goal scored, the header by Jeakson Thounaojam showed us the passion they had. The saves by Dheeraj Singh made us believe in the game they played. They need chances like these to prove themselves.

Recently I had a chat with my friend who is studying in Sweden, Mr Debarchan Das said that Swedish players are physically much stronger, they have better exposure towards the game. According to him, they have well-developed training facilities which help them to become more skilful. According to him, things can change and India has the potential to play in the FIFA World Cup in the coming decade.

Another Champ who is studying in Germany, Mr Nilabhra Roy Chowdhury, said that the German local clubs are heavily funded. The Indian players have the same determination like the Germans but they fall behind due to the lack of infrastructure. Indian players sometimes have a second thought of making a living out of the game whereas the Germans do not worry because of the strong fundings. A chap can have a good living while playing for a city club in Germany. The player treatments in Germany is the top – notch, there are more advanced techniques of treating the players and keeping them fit.

India, despite being one of the top countries in the category of the population does not use its resources. Active supporters can donate more money for better development of the players. The investments should be made for the players.

A man living in the City of Joy, Kolkata, Mr Ujan Karmakar, loves playing football since school days. Now while doing his PhD, he has the same enthusiasm for the game. He believes that the professional ones do hold a chance of making a successful career in the field of football. There is plenty of opportunities. A talented player should be provided with a proper environment for training, a proper education and a regular health check. This basic three things will take him to a level of his dreams.

He also believes that Sports education and training should be provided to young players who look promising. He believes most of the players suffer from malnutrition at their young age who are coming from a poor family. Footballers need immense strength and stamina to remain at their very best. Both of these can be achieved through a balance of proper diet and a disciplined routine. Discipline and good food – there should be a balance of both.

Ujan has a vision that one day our players will become our idol. He hopes one day we will compare our players with the likes of players from Manchester Utd., Barcelona or Liverpool. He also said, “Let’s play, let’s keep on playing, a day will come we will win because it’s nature. We will be in the big leagues.”

According to me, yes surely a lot of hope for our football heroes, they have a decorated future in the most beautiful game of the planet. They will do things that have never happened before. Surely we will see our champs playing and scoring goals. Surely our dreams will come true, we will watch our players running through the tunnels and stepping towards brilliance. Surely we will see our players defeating the great European teams or the magical South Americans. There is magic in this very special game, we will see our players in that dimension where they create the spark. The rest will be history!

                                                                     (Debarchan Das)                                                                     (Ujan Karmakar)

                                                                (Nilabhra Roy Chowdhury)

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