How Much Do You Know About Football World Cup?

We all get excited when we hear about Football World Cup. The FIFA World Cup 2018 is just two weeks from now on. 1 min

The most awaited and the most viewed event in the world, FIFA World Cup! Russia is waiting for the teams to arrive! 

Over the years we have witnessed brilliance. Players have achieved the impossible. Teams have created history!

Now, once again we wait in anticipation of magical moments and some nail-biting finish!

Before that let's go down the timeline and visit the old moments and answer some questions to refresh our memory!

  1. 1 Who is the oldest player to lead a country to a World Cup Title?

    Can you name the oldest player ever in the history of football to lift the World Cup? He was the Captain of the team!

    1. Femi Opabunmi
    2. Salomon Olembe
    3. Dino Zoff

    Dino Zoff

    The Azzurri Captain goalkeeper Dino Zoff lifted the  World Cup trophy in the year 1982 when he was 40 years old.

  2. 2 Which country holds the record of maximum number of goals in a single Football World Cup match?

    The scoreline of the match, do you know that too?

    1. Hungary
    2. Germany
    3. Netherlands


    Hungary defeated El Salvador in the 1982 FIFA World Cup in which the scoreline was 10-1! Unbelievable! 

  3. 3 Turkey's Hakan Sukur scored the fastest goal in the World Cup history against South Korea. Do you know the exact time he took to score?

    It was in the 2002 FIFA World Cup! 

    1. 11
    2. 13
    3. 10

    11 seconds

    It took Hakan Sukur just 11 seconds to score the goal!

    This remains the fastest goal in the World Cup history!

  4. 4 Can you guess the country that has appeared in every World Cup tournament since 1930

    It is really tough to maintain such a record for so long!

    Which team can it be?

    1. Brazil
    2. England
    3. Germany


    Yes of course! It has to be Brazil! The Canarinha's never missed a single tournament to date!

  5. 5 Can you name the team which has got the most World Cup losses?

    Do you have the knowledge of this record?

    1. Mexico
    2. Nijeria
    3. Bosnia Herzagovina


    Mexico has lost 25 World Cup matches which is the most in the history!

  6. 6 Who is the only Goalkeeper in the history of FIFA to win the Golden Ball?

    The only Goalkeeper to win the Golden Ball. Can you guess who it is?

    1. Gianluigi Buffon
    2. Oliver Kahn
    3. Manuel Neuer

    Oliver Kahn

    The legend could not win the world cup but managed to win the Golden Ball!

  7. 7 Which country has held the World Cup final twice?

    Asia has held the Grand Stage of all just once!

    1. England
    2. Mexico
    3. France


    In 1970 and 1986 Mexico held the World Cup!

  8. 8 Who has scored the most number of goals in World Cup history?

    The man had set the record in 2014 World Cup!

    1. Miroslav Klose
    2. Cristiano Ronaldo
    3. Thomas Muller

    Miroslav Klose

    With 16 goals in the World Cup in total, Klose broke Ronaldo's record in 2014 world cup against Brazil.

  9. 9 Do you know the smallest country (in terms of population) to play in the World Cup of 2018?

    Yes! A country with so less population is going to play in one of the biggest events!

    1. Egypt
    2. Iceland
    3. Russia


    Yes! Once again like in the Euro Cup tournament we can witness something magical from these men!

How Much Do You Know About Football World Cup?

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