Top 10 Memes that crashed the Internet this Fifa World Cup season!

While the world awaits a new Fifa Champion this year, you might wanna look back at the moments from this Fifa season hilariously presented on the Internet as MEMES! 1 min

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  1. 1 Raise your hands if Neymar deserves an Oscar!

    14 minutes or 840 seconds to be exact. Yes, that is the exact time the Brazilian player, Neymar, has spent during this Fifa, rolling on the floor and the Internet just can't get enough of it!

  2. 2 Messi-Ronaldo, bhai-bhai!

    After Portugal and Argentina were knocked off at the group stage itself, the fans of Ronaldo and Messi couldn't help but crash the Internet with Messi=Ronaldo memes. It was disappointing to see the world's best to lose, but isn't this what Football is all about? 

  3. 3 'It's coming home': England memes might definitely win the Meme World Cup!

    The famous line "It's coming home" from the song "Three Lions" released in 1996 as a single by English band The Lightening Seeds has become a slogan for the England fans for this World Cup. Will this be England's year? 

  4. 4 MARADONA IS FROM WAKANDA! It's confirmed.

    Diego Armando Maradona Franco is an Argentine retired professional footballer and manager. After Lionel Messi scored a goal for Argentina, Maradona was filled with emotions and celebrated the goal in his own unique style. His reactions were captured by some Twitterati who then came up with some hilarious memes.

  5. 5 Oh Kroos! Germany is proud of you!

    Tony Kroos gave Football fans one of the best moments this season. He is a German midfielder. He scored a free kick in the 94th minute and the time remaining to the final whistle to end the match was 10 seconds. GOOSEBUMPS! He saved Germany for the match, although he couldn't save Germany from getting knocked off the tournament.

  6. 6 No, Pique. No 'Waka Waka' here.

    Defending a corner in the first half Gerard Pique for some reason raised his arm in the box and deflecting to the header by Russia's Dzyuba. He conceded a penalty right after this. His movement resembled his wife, Shakira's dance moves, and the Internet couldn't help but turn this moment into a laughing buzz.

  7. 7 Germany. This ain't your year!

    After cruising through qualifying, World Champion Germany crashed out of the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia at the group stages, falling at the first hurdle of their title defence. 

  8. 8 It's okay Batshuayi, it happens!

    Belgium scored a goal, and to celebrate it, Michy Batshuayi hit the ball again into the net. However, the ball struck the goal post and hit back to his face. Such celebrations! 

  9. 9 Panama still failed to 'get a grip' of England's attack!

    Being referred to as 'Panamania', the defense strategy of the players of Panama came to be hilariously trolled by the fans in England. Viewers could only comment on the aggressiveness of the Central American nation trying to prevent a breakthrough on corners.

  10. 10 Multi-tasking!

    Jesse Lingard's stunning strike from outside the box is all but a blur after witnessing this outstanding act of balance, technique and calmness under pressure. The fact that there's little to no spillage here is quite frankly a monumental achievement.

    Who said men can't multi-task?

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