UCL final goals

UEFA Champions League final is a stage to create history! We all stay excited in anticipation of a great match. Let 1 min

We saw Gareth Bale scoring a majestic back volley recently in the UCL finals of 2017-2018). So why not we visit a few goals (of course brilliant ones) scored by some of the legends of the game in the UCL final. 

  1. 1 Zinedine Zidane's Volley of Magic!

    The very best of the game scored the winner!

    Time and time we watch the goal and it never gets old!

    Zizou exhibiting magic with his weaker foot!

  2. 2 Xabi Alonso scoring the equiliser

    Not that it is a very best goal of Xabi or neither in the UCL final. But it goes down as one of the key moment in the UCL final (2005).

    Mission Istanbul!

    Xabi's penalty got saved and yet he managed to score. 

    You can't deny the fact that it made the scoreline even!

  3. 3 Messi's Header

     When it comes to scoring goals, we have not seen Lionel Messi producing perfect headers.

    But scoring a header against Edwin Van Der Sar in UCL final shows his class!

    The little man showed that he can jump and score when needed.

  4. 4 Sergio Ramos saving Real Madrid

    We all must have thought it was time for Athletico Madrid to lift the trophy for the very first time

    But... Sergio Ramos had something else in his mind! 

    Saving Real Madrid and winning the La Decima, he surely can go down in the pages of history!

  5. 5 Gareth Bale's Stunner

    No one anticipated Gareth Bale to produce one of the best goals in the UCL final history!

    Words can't describe the beauty of this incredible form of art!

    Bale's goal will remain in the heart of Real Madrid fans forever.

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