Do You Know The Minimum Requirements For A Phone in 2018

Almost everyone uses a smartphone these days. But do you know the Minimum Phone Hardware Requirements to smoothly run all apps in your Phones in 20181 min

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Everyone knows Apple announced its first mobile phone on January 9th, 2007. Did you know first iPhone processor was made by Samsung? Yes, Samsung supplied 32bit RISC ARM 1176JZ(F) processor with a clock speed of 620Mhz. It contains 512Mb of RAM. At that time it costs $499. It's an awesome phone to use without buttons, stylus. But what about phones these days what are the minimum requirements?

At the time of launch, Steve Jobs had to do a performed a specific set of tasks, performed in a specific way and order, that made the thing look completely functional.

In this span of 11 years, many companies launched many mobiles, software. Among all there only two softwares that are popular Android And iOS. Hey!..don't forget to consider Microsoft as a Mobile Phone software. It also has Pros… my best friend still uses it.   

source: Android Authority

Android has more users than iOS. Obviously, there are so many mobiles manufactures making Android Mobiles. Samsung, Sony used to be the companies that made the flagship Android phones at the time period of 2013. But Now everyone is making one or two.

What are the minimum requirements for a mobile phone in 2018?

Ear Phone Jack   YES 
Display Preferably FHD 18:9 5.5 inch display
Processor For
Normal users Snapdragon 450
Gamers Snapdragon 626
RAM 4 GB / 8GB
Storage Preferably 64 GB
Camera Front 8MP (with/ without flash)
Rear  12MP
Battery 3000mAh
Operating System 7.1 Nougat
Bluetooth 4.1
NFC  Come on even Jio phone is having!!
Authentication Fingerprint, FaceId
USB Port type  USB-C for fast charging
Sim Slots Preferably Dual-Sim
Note: Check for hybrid Sim Slots  

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