Powerful Facts On The Playstation.

Playstation is a video game console developed by Sony. 1 min

The first Playstation was released in 1994.

 Followed by Playstation 2 (PS2) in 2000.

The Playstation 3 (PS3) in 2006.

 And the Playstation 4 (ps4) in 2013.

  1. 1 WOW! that's a huge number.

    Sony sold more than one million PS4 on the first day.

  2. 2 Seriously! No Kidding.

    The playstation was the first gaming console to sell over 102.49 million units.Thats more than Xbox , Game Cube and NIntendo 64 combined.

  3. 3 Achieve Great Heights With PS2.


    The more games you played on your PlayStation 2 the more glowing towers were added to the console’s startup screen and the longer you played, the higher those towers climbed.

  4. 4 HOW is that Even Possible?

    PS2 Memory Card was 8MB which is a laughably small amount of data today.

  5. 5 A lot in a LOT.

    The Playstation 2 has sold over 157 million units, making it the best selling videogame machine in history.


    At University of Alabama where a group of scientists wired a cluster of PlayStation 3s together into a super-console capable of running high-end simulations to test a black hole’s rotational speed.

  7. 7 Huge Earnings.

    Most popular games for each PlayStation system: 

    Gran Turismo :(PlayStation, 10.85 million copies sold)

    Grand Theft Auto San Andreas: (PlayStation 2, 17.33 million)

     Grand Turismo 5: (PlayStation 3, 10.66 million)

  8. 8 Name Changer?

    In 2002 a man originally called Dan Holmes so loved Sony’s latest console that he decided it was high time he changed his name to Playstation 2.

  9. 9 Is PS2 a WEAPON?

    In late 2000 reports emerged that Saddam Hussein and Iraq were stockpiling thousands of PS2 consoles looking to modify the machines into military weapons.

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