How I revived myself from technology slaughter?

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I still remember that day vividly.It was June 10th 2015, a month after my 18th birthday, the day I got my first Apple smartphone.It was after a lot of pestering that my dad agreed to buy me one.Afterall how can he deny me one when I passed my 12th standard exam with flying colors? My parents were on cloud nine when I topped the school for my 12th standard board exam. My dad was willing to buy me anything that I asked for,  well except a bike.When I asked for a smartphone he wasn’t really happy with my choice of a gift. He asked me to reconsider my decision.But I didn’t budge. All my friends had one. Why can’t I?All I had was an old Nokia 3310 phone which could be used only for making calls and sending SMS.My dad worked as an executive in a reputed company and surely he could afford to buy me a smartphone. I sulked for many days and finally, my dad gave in and I became the proud owner of a brand new Apple smartphone.My dad advised me to use it wisely.

You know it was my high marks in 12th that helped me to grab a seat in this prestigious college for doing my honors in Physics.Physics and English literature were my favorite subjects in school. I wanted to do my doctorate in Physics. I loved to read. I have read almost works by famous authors. Hemingway and  Kafka are my favorite authors.Previously I used to spend all my free time in reading. I even had a couple of English major students who used to approach me for help with their

Initially, I used my phone only for my study purposes and to chat with my close friends.As days passed  I realized that I could do much more with my phone.I started gaming, watching youtube videos, checking out random websites, things a normal college student would do.And slowly it reached a point where I could not be separated from my mobile even for a second.I slowly lost interest in my studies. And I almost never read for many months together. I was on my phone while eating, traveling,  being with my friends,  walking… I sat with my phone till the wee hours of the night and always woke up sleep deprived.Sometimes I even missed my classes as I overslept.My vision became blurred, I lost my appetite, my memory and concentration became weak and my hands were numb due to prolonged use of the phone.There were days when I forgot to take bath even!I forgot the day when I had real face-to-face conversations with my family members.I was always restless.My mother started getting worried about me.She doubted if I  became addicted to my phone.At that time I did not even know that smartphones are an addiction.I knew many classmates who were alcohol addicts or drug addicts.And I felt happy that I was not one among them.Over time it became difficult for me to concentrate on anything.I found it hard to grasp the concepts in my subject.Consequently, my grades suffered.The topper in 12th board exam became a mere just-pass in the first-semester exam!I  thought I made a mistake in the choice of subject and tried to convince myself that it has nothing to do with the smartphone as implied by my parents.

During that summer holidays, I was forced to accompany my mom to her ancestral village for some emergency.I had to stay there for nearly 2 weeks.Being very remote, the place did not have any network connectivity and I could not use my phone all these days.I became very miserable in the initial days.I got angry for silly reasons.When I had nothing to do I ambled along the corridors of the large ancestral house.My grandfather had a huge collection of books.I started reading them as I had nothing else to do. Can you believe, I read  6 classics during that period of 2 weeks! I went to bed early and woke up early.Slowly I regained my interests in reading, ate well, slept well and also began to appreciate the small things in life.I began conversing with people!There were some old Physics textbooks which belonged to my cousin.I went through them and found out that it was interesting and I could grasp them easily.My concentration returned.I forgot the existence of my smartphone!

That experience was a real eye-opener for me.I returned to the city after the holidays as a changed person.I realized that smartphones are addictive and decided to make changes in my life accordingly.Now I have allotted fixed time in my day to use the smartphone and I make it a point to switch it off before 9 pm.I get enough time to study and I scored really well in my recent semester exam.I am sure that I can make it in the field of Physics. I even participate in extracurricular activities in college.I resumed my reading habits and you know sometimes lecturers cite my example to create awareness about smartphone addiction!

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