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There is no doubt that technology companies like Google, Microsoft, Adobe, Intel, Apple, Oracle, Yahoo, Sony, Motorola, Redhat, etc are most familiar to us. We take different services every day from them. They are basically on top of this tech and internet business industry. The funny thing here is, we almost all know who they are and what they actually are doing. But many of us do not know the history behind their brand name selection. In history, it will be seen that all these interesting events are behind the selection. Today I will try to highlight some of the reasons for the selection of the names of 10 big companies on the Internet and tech giants.

1. Google


It was originally named “Googol”, which started from number 1 and with 100 was zero. It gives Google the ability to provide its huge amount of information. Following the founding profit, Stanford graduate student Sergey Brin and Larry Page presented their project to an angel investor. Then they decided to change their company name. Later, they got a check and their company name was changed to Google.

2. Microsoft


The Microsoft name comes from MICROSOFT SOFTWARE from these two words. Bill Gates named his company after the first micro-soft from these two words. Then, by removing the hyphen (-) mark from micro-soft, just change the Microsoft name.


3. Adobe


Founder John Warnock named his company after the name of the Adobe Creek River. This river is still flowing in the back of his house.


4. Apple



5. Intel



6. Sony


Sony is a Japan-based corporate group that has kept itself independent from electronics, games, entertainment and various financial services (such as insurance and banking). The company’s founder Akio Morita & Masaru Ibuka named it the Latin word Sonus, which means “word” and through the colloquial word of a slang English word Sonny. Then they considered themselves as sonny boys, which means bright boy. The company’s previous slogan was and the current slogan is make.believe.


7. Yahoo!


Jonathan Sweep used this term first in his Gull Travels book. And Yahoo! The word is derivative of the word “Yawshoo”. The word comes from the first. This word highlights the appearance of a person in a person’s face and his actions. And Yahoo’s father Jerry Yang & David Filo chose this name as their preferred brand name. David Filo’s college friend was almost addressed as Yahoo It is known that after selecting their slang language they chose it as their brand name.


8. Oracle


The name Oracle comes first, through the Central Intelligence Agency, a project called CIA. The company’s founder Larry Ellison and his classmate Bob Oats worked on the project in Central Intelligence Agency that was named Oracle. From here Larry named his company Oracle. The company’s official name is Oracle, but it is sometimes referred to as Oracle Corporation.


9. Cisco



10. Dell

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Dell traces its origins to 1984, once Michael hollow created hollow laptop Corporation, that at the time did business as PC’s restricted, whereas a student of the University of TX at the capital of Texas. The dorm-room headquartered company sold-out IBM PC-compatible computers designed from stock elements.


11. Hewlett Packard (HP)

Hewlett Packard (HP)

The company name comes through a fun incident. Bill Hewlett & Dave Packard arranges a coin toss system to select their company name. They put two options in this toss. The names of the two will be named after the win. That means, after winning the bill, it will be named Hewlett-Pickard and David will win the title of Packard-Hewlett. So imagine who won their toss?



There are many top technology companies like NetflixMotorolaSAP SEXerox, etc are providing amazing quality products and services to us.


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