Zuta labs to present its mini robotic printer

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Robotics has become an interesting topic for developers these days. It has stepped into many fields to make our job simpler. Similarly Zuta labs, after its kick-starter success is now geared up to present its new mobile robotic printer. When I said printer, you might be imagining it to be a huge black box; but what if I say that it is small enough to fit in your palm? Well, you wouldn’t have thought of that for sure. Yes, this is Zuta labs’ first mini robotic printer. By ‘mini’, I mean to say that it’s just a four inch wireless device that makes your printing job simpler.

This printer can unify with an app on your phone and print the on screen image by rolling back and forth over a piece of paper. Tuvia Elbaum, CEO and founder of Zuta labs said that they wanted to create a printer which could be carried anywhere and very easily at the same time, so that people could use it when they are in a hustle, for a simple fact that you can carry your smartphones anywhere but not your printers. With this mobile robotic printer, you can effortlessly take printouts of photos, packaging labels and even tickets for your favorites shows and events!

So, once this robotic printer gains popularity among the public, there are always some developers waiting to create exciting apps that are compatible with the printer. It’s remote controlled feature will keep many gamers and art tutorials preoccupied. It has been integrated with a unique mechanical driving system, WiFi connectivity and an amazing battery back up with which you can print continuously for one hour. Another captivating feature of this mini printer is that, it is independent of the size of the paper you use for printing. Apart from this, it is rechargeable via a micro USB and is compatible with Android, iOS and Windows as well. It can print upto 100 pages per cartridge with aspired of 1 page per minute. For now the cartridge is only black and white, but they promise to get color printing very soon.

The device is expected to hit the market this December and will retail for $299. With this mini robotic printer, printing will be fun and exciting as far as its durability is going good.

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