5 tips for solo travellers to go cheap

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travel ,journey ,tour, excursion. a life time ambition to travel all world with no money or least money and grab the essence of life.


So , you like to travel world solo.Its a big  chance to  be lonely, to be hungry, to be sick, but it all comes down to your gut feeling.If you really wanted to do this, the best time to start is NOW because “from 20 years now on, you’ll be dissapointed by things you didn’t do, than by things you have done”. Okay lets get to know some tips to go solo and at cheap.


Less luggage helps you to travel longer distances than you have planed for.This also saves your money mostly from the fee that many airlines charge for checked bags nowadays.And also you can save your energy to travel more.  But do not forget to carry important things like passport, wallet…..

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry said-He who would travel happily must travel light.
travel with less/least luggage
     You should be good and patient at this thing. You may wonder what this thing is , it’s just asking for lift. Do not feel shy to do this, as you are travelling you should be open. This will reduce your expenses on travellings which is almost 70 percent of money required for travelling. Now you may feel that yes hitchhike is compulsary. Try to make conversations with whoever is driving you in travellings and share your travelling stories and listen theirs so as to entertain them. And  also may not feel bored in journey.
I would say Hitch-hiking is an art.
    It is a hospitality and social networking service that offer homestays, lodging.It simply refers to staying with hosts while travelling. You should have proper rest/sleep while you are on travel. Spending much on hotels for one night sleep makes no sense. The other way is that you can work to earn money or to get bed for night.Spend a little time with your host rather than going to bed when it is time to sleep.
couchsurfing guys in ocean,sea on couch or sofa or bed
    Yes, the slower you move the cheaper it becomes. Because of this u are not needed to take express trains or flights.You can also learn many things in your journey. Don’t hurry up you are here to learn, enjoy and live.You will also get a chance to meet local people,and visit some more places and appreciate the different way of life.
snail indicating you travel slow to learn and earn more
      Don’t worry no need to work like in your office.Teach a skill that you posses, like teach some musical instrument you know or english or any language that know. You can also work in hotels or to any individuals to wash their car,clean their house or by any means.Be friendly and requesting and you will wonder what you get in return.You can also give a guest lecture on your experience.You can work from where you are as a freelancer.
earn money while travelling
ADVICE-Don’t forget to take a dairy. Write your experiences, your wishes and your entire journey,the people you met what not everything in your travel.Eat healthy and light food during journey.Carry some books of good authors.
Comment the places your have visited and you have unforgettable experiences.Also comment the places that you wanted to travel solo in your life.

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