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Ended up doing a treacherous journey out of Denmark - spent a night in Madrid, took a long flight to Bogota, missed the onward direct connection, got put on a flight to San Salvador and finally, with no sense of time or place, arrived in, wait for it... GUATEMALA 💜

When I turned 30 earlier this year (yep, still feels strange to say that), I felt like if I were to pass away anytime soon, I’d have only one regret - not spending enough time in one of my favourite parts of the world, the magical Lago de Atitlan 😌

So here I am. Slowing down for the next couple of months. Living in the backdrop of three dramatic volcanoes. Chilling out on the shores of a pristine lake. Drinking lots of local beer. Catching up on Netflix. Reading. Writing. Thinking. Unpacking for a while. Hanging out with my partner. Cooking. Contemplating what’s next in life. Working virtually on passion projects. Crafting long pending blog posts. Waking up to birdsong. Hiking. Jumping in the lake. Just being... 👣

And you, if you were to pass away soon (and untimely), where would you regret not spending enough time? .

Credits: Shivya Nath

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