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(Due to lack of my ability to use any sort of graphics in this entry, I earnestly request the reader to imagine a blaring neon light saying “ANY OPINIONS THAT IS DISCUSSED IN THIS ARTICLE ARE SOLELY MINE! ANY DIFFERING OPINIONS ARE WELCOME IN THE COMMENTS TOO!” and react in a similiar manner.)

My experience with fan-made games is as such: They normally are way better in either story or game play than the original. Such is the case of Pokémon Uranium. The quality of gameplay is greatly improved in many aspects. This is no surprise considering that a franchise’s best critics are, I believe, the fans themselves.

Pokémon Uranium is an independent game made by the fans of Pokémon, for fans of the Pokémon Franchise. It features

-> New Pokémon Sprites!
-> A new type!
-> Some very subtle differences from how a normal Pokémon game from Game Freak normally is (What those differences are comes at a risk of spoiling the game for you, so go check it out yourselves.)


This game even allows you to choose whether you want to bang your head in frustration (Nuzlocke Mode, where you have to release your Pokémon if it faints and Only the first Pokémon encountered in each route can be caught.) or just have fun (Regular Mode).


Dare to enter a world of Pain in Nuzlocke Mode? Tell me how that goes! :p

Once that’s done you can either explore what this free game (Yes, it’s free) has to offer in terms of Internet Battles (You can battle and trade with people all over the world randomly or with your friend on Uranium.)


You can battle people all over the world with your trained team from Uranium.

Or you could engage different NPCs who can make for really interesting conversations:

Or you could be a disappointment to yourself and just give random names to yourself or your Pokémon, just like in any other game and make video game memes to show your great sense of humour like I did:


Pokémon Uranium is setup in a region in which scientists have tried to use Nuclear Energy as a sustainable Energy resource but they dun muck’d up. As a result, Nuclear Fallout from nearby Power Plants contaminate the nearby habitat of Pokémon and turn them into Nuclear Pokémon.

Nuclear types appear mostly near the area of Radiation and inside the Power Plants themselves.

The Nuclear type itself is really interesting. It is super-effective against any type except Steel and Nuclear, and is weak against all types except Poison and Nuclear. This type of concept, put in a Pokémon game, could radically change how the game is played.

I won’t spoil much of the story for you, but let me put it out there for you guys, that the story is way deeper than most Pokémon series.

I also feel that what makes a game interesting is not only the gameplay and the story, but also the soundtrack. And boy, did Uranium deliver on that front! The tracks are extremely good and fit with  the theme of whichever area you’re currently in. Also, some of those tracks really work as awesome independent tracks themselves.

All in all, Pokémon Uranium is definitely a 10/10 from my side! Do play the game and let us know what you think of it!

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