5 times Dinesh Karthik proved he is a gem of a person!

Karthik, who recently led India to a victory over Bangladesh, had a massive comeback and shut the haters who called him unfit for being a captain. 1 min

Dinesh Karthik, born June 1, 1985, made his debut for the Indian Cricket Team in 2004. Rising from the junior ranks as a batsman, he switched to wicket keeping for better future prospects. He is currently the captain of the IPL team, Kolkata Knight Riders.

His journey has been rough, with multiple phases in his career. He has never managed to seize a perfect spot, but has always remained in notice.

On sunday, he handed India a nail biting victory in the Nidahas Trophy. He scored 29 off just 8 balls and slamming a flat six in the last ball, he shut all his haters.

You have a lot to learn from his roller coaster journey and how he never lost his calm. Here is some of his opinions and comments which would make you love him all the more:

  1. 1 Nothing but hard work will help him survive.

    When he says,“I am supposed to be performing well and make every performance count," he is aware of the work that is required of him. He has learnt it the hard way!

  2. 2 Respect your competitors and co-workers.

    Karthik lost pace in the national team, due to the presence of M.S.Dhoni. Dhoni has sealed it off with his commendable wicket keeping, and there was no place for some other player in the team. It is natural to have grudges against the person because of whom you could not make it, but Karthik’s attitude is something to learn from. He has always said good things about Dhoni. “Dhoni was performing well and he rightfully deserved to be playing for the country. Now looking back I feel proud that my position was taken over by someone who later went on to become a legend of the game and won many laurels for the country.”

  3. 3 Practice and fight your weakness.

    In the final of the Nidahas Trophy T20 tri-series, Karthik hit the winning shot, and all because of his rigorous practice. He says, “I have been practicing these shots- having a strong base and then hitting from there."

  4. 4 He knows his responsibility as the Captain.

    The moment KKR selected Karthik as their captain, he knew he has a lot to work and prove to people. 

    “One of the most important things is for the whole group to connect as individuals and at the same time have a bonding sort of a thing.”

  5. 5 On IPL and learnings.

    Karthik has always been obliged to the IPL as it has been a comeback for him. He feels, “IPL has been a great learning experience, one gets to rub shoulders with the who’s who of world cricket and gets to learn the nuances of the game from the stalwarts from close quarters.”

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