How To Learn Online Marketing For Free Through Internet

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You don’t need to spend money on Online Marketing courses. Learning is now free. SEE HOW!

Before telling the steps to learn online marketing, it is important to know What is Online Marketing or Digital Marketing.

As we all know how most of the people are connected to the internet and almost all the activities(transactions, business, communication, social networking) are digitalized. Therefore, promoting a business product on the internet with the help of various marketing techniques is called Online Marketing.

Now the question must be, How to Learn Online Marketing For Free?

learn online marketing internet free

There are some academic platforms on the internet providing all the necessary study material, tools, and a certificate after completing the course successfully. So without wasting any time, let’s talk about those academic platforms which are best for Learning Online Marketing and are absolutely FREE.

1. Hubspot Academy

Hubspot is famous for several certifications like Inbound Certification, Content Marketing Certification, Email Marketing Certification. Apart from this, Hubspot also has ample articles regarding new updates in Digital Marketing techniques. You can find these courses here.

2. Alison

Alison Academy has certification for a lot of digital marketing modules which are must to do if a person is a beginner. Some of the certifications are Introduction to Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Google Analytics, Google Adsense and many moreYou can find this courses here.

3. Moz

Moz is a topmost community of digital marketing. They provide lessons on SEO(Search Engine Optimization) which are really helpful and informative to beginners. You can find the lessons here.

4. Youtube

There are thousands of videos and tutorials regarding Digital Marketing on the Youtube. All we need is courage and will to learn new things. Filter the best material and start learning today itself. Click here and start learning.

5. Google Certifications

In this domain, Google certifications play a very major role while seeking a job in a company. Google provides two certifications that are Google Analytics Individual Qualification and Google Adwords which are absolutely free of cost. Qualify in assessment and get the certificate.

Completed the course. What to do next?

Getting certified is not enough to compete in the market. After these courses, a person is only aware of basics in Digital Marketing or Online Marketing but still lacks practical work which is actually required in the corporate world. So its time for an individual to practice the tools of Digital Marketing.

Anyone can get into Digital Marketing, all you need is internet connection that’s all.

How To Practice Digital Marketing?

blogging learn online digital marketing free internet

The best thing is, people have the opportunity to work with google anytime from anywhere. People write their thoughts on the internet in the form of “blog“. “Google has thousands of answers to just one question “.

Social Media

social media learn online digital marketing free internet

 Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat are some of the most active Social Media. Sign up and start networking with quality content.


Apply for internship and never stop learning. I would recommend virtual Internship like mycampuspost which is best practice for beginners. Find more internships, click here.



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