The Stories Debate : Snapchat Vs. Instagram

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Coming from a generation, which is candidly narcissistic, the craze for social media doesn’t come as a surprise. Whether one’s a school going teenager, a 20-something struggler, or a middle aged businessman, social media has transcended all the boundaries of profession , age and persona.  While social media has seeped into daily lives of everyone, the newly going trend of sharing ‘stories’ is seem to be resonating more with the younger audiences of 15 to 30 year olds.  The need to share every single detail of the daily life, from where you are going to what you are eating to which movie you are watching , to who you are hanging out with, has given rise to the ‘story updates’ , where you can post as much as you want, without spamming others’ feed because it gets deleted in 24 hours.

But the question arises, who’s winning at this game? Snapchat, the pioneer of ephemeral picture sharing, or Instagram, obviously cloning the one feature Snapchat is popular for.

For me, it’s hands down, Instagram.

Let’s just say, if I went to a party or an exotic vacation, and like a millennial that I am, I wanted to share it with the world, why would I choose Snapchat over Instagram? Do I have more following on Snapchat? Is Snapchat more convenient to use? Does it have any added features which Instagram doesn’t? The answer respectively remains no, no and no. The thing with Instagram is, even before they introduced the Stories feature, they were already successful as an independent photo sharing app. Accommodating this feature, is just an additional benefit for its users. So why would someone use two different apps, rather than using one app which has both the features? Not to mention, a larger audience.

It’s true that Instagram stories was nothing but an obvious rip-off of Snapchat interface. But over the time, we have a witnessed a lot many improvements over the ‘Snapchat Original features’. The filters, the stickers, the boomerang, the gif, to name a few.

For instance, I’m going through my stories and I come across an extremely delicious looking dessert. Fortunately for me, my friend has tagged the place. So I quickly go to the restaurant’s page and scroll through their profile. It hasn’t taken me more than 5 minutes and I already know where I’m heading to next weekend. More than this scenario proves how influential Instagram stories is for me, as a user, it proves how efficient and beneficial it is for business purposes also. While it has allowed small businesses to get more exposure and publicity at no cost, what-so-ever, conveniently so, it also provides outbound links to high profile accounts.

It is quite evident by all the statistics how Instagram is beating Snapchat at it’s own game. But it is doing so, not just because it ‘stole the idea’. It is doing so because Instagram is constantly building up on that idea. It is continuously innovating, making it more user engaging, the one thing which Snapchat is obviously falling short of.

What is your take on the topic? Are you more of an instagrammar or a snapchatter? What works for you best?

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  1. I am a self confessed Instagrammer and I agree with every single view. Very coherent and crisp. Impressive use and choice of words. Article could’ve had more content about Snapchat in order to have an unbiased debate with negative and/or positive facts. Overall, a very interesting read. Great job!