Videography Intern

Videography has been defined as the “art or process of making video films.” It is all about capturing the sights and sounds, movements and emotions. Owing to technological advancements over the years, videography is now done on digital cameras or mobile devices unlike in the earlier days when actual film stock was used for the purpose. Current technology utilises digitally recorded footage stored on memory cards or hard disk drives. Modern cameras are compact and lightweight and are thus easy to carry around. This transition has helped the art of videography grow as both a profession and a passion for many.

At MyCampus Post, our Videography Internship gives you the perfect opportunity to produce and edit videos for viral buzz or promotion, and your work shall be evaluated by industry experts. Start as a trainee, and acquire the relevant skills and experience through the program to kickstart your career in this fascinating field.

Whether you wish to master the art of videography as a hobby or for professional purposes, you’ve come to the right place to acquire, nurture and sharpen your skills!

Criteria: passion for video shooting, basic video editing skills, qualification no bar

You will acquire the following skills:

  • How to operate a digital camera, on location or in a studio, in the production of pre-recorded programming.
  • Designing, transporting and setting up as well as operating video production equipment for field and studio productions
  • Editing videos and video segments on a variety of digital formats
  • Developing storyboards
  • Maintaining equipment inventory and field and studio production schedules
  • Sustaining and guiding the creative process